Welcome to the official FNAS website. The site is designed to give information  about the society   and its member clubs, including locations, contact detail and diary of events with full programs   taking place at them.

  The activities that are organised during the year include regular club meetings, lectures on various   aspects of the hobby, table shows, and auctions (where livestock, equipment, plants and dry   goods can be bought).  

  Click ‘Events’ to find details of the next FNAS event. Another area of the hobby that the
  federation is involved in is the breeding program where records of successful spawning and   rearing of fry are recorded. This program has been designed   to aid conservation, so demand on   species of fish from the wild is reduced.

  The main objective however is the bringing together of like-minded people and in sharing of   knowledge and care for the ish that are kept. Most areas of the hobby are well covered including   Coldwater and Tropical fish, with speciality clubs looking  into specific types i.e. Fancy Goldfish,   Catfish, Cichlids etc.

  Whether you are new to fishkeeping or have been doing so for many years, we are sure that there
  is something of interest for everyone, especially with help in the enjoyment of our hobby.

  For the time being thanks for visiting the site, and please come back again as  regular updates are   loaded. If you would like any further information or like to send in some feedback, please email   the webmaster - this is David Ford:   drdmford@outlook.com

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 This is the website of the Federation of Northern Aquarium Societies








  in 2015







 The President of FNAS was cremated at Hollinwood,  Oldham, on Tuesday 26th May 2015 with a personal  ceremony from all his family.  The Order of Service  shows Arnie in his favourite place: sunning in  Torremolinos!  The Wake was at the Ashton Golf Club  where a splendid buffet of all his favourite foods was  served.  “A Wonderful Gentleman” who will be missed.


  FNAS Updates…
   The FNAS Judges have had a meeting and agreed that the Federation should continue since
   there are some clubs who want to use FNAS standards for their Shows. More news soon.
   2016 - no club is offering to organise BAF.  There will be no Show this year.
   2017 - in this year the FNAS publications will be added, for anyone to use.
   The first one is ‘FNAS Judging Methods, Show Rules and Show Guides’.
   The cover is pictured at the bottom of this webpage - click/tap it to download a PDF version….


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